The head caste in Ancient and future Israel, the koheinim (priests) are Levi'im (Levites) who are descended from Aharon ben-Amram-v'Yokheved HaLevi.
"Cohen" is a variant of "Kohein". In turn, "Cohen" has variants such as "Katz" ("Kohan Tzedek", as in Phoebe Katz (Cates) Klein), "Kagan" or "Kajan" (variants of "Kahan" or "Kahane"; as in Associate SCOTUS Justice Elena Kagan), "Kohn" and "Kahn" (as in John Kohn (changed to Kerry by his granddad, Fritz Kohn)), and "Cohan" (a variant of "Kohein" not to be confused with the variant for the Irish "Keohane", though that may have some, if any, origins among koheinim based in Ireland).
by Nickidewbear August 19, 2011
jewish last name, translated form hebrew to rabbi.
'cohen is a very common jewish last name'
by Renshaw30 July 20, 2009
Literally the best guy anyone can meet he is loyal, funny, and ofc charming he is someone you can trust secrets with and really easy to talk to
Person 1: wow who is that
Person 2: oh... that’s Cohen he is really cool
by I’m not of the ok January 14, 2020
god where do we begin? Cohen is the sweetest, most caring, down to earth person you will ever meet. You are so lucky if you get the chance to call him yours. Normally AMAZING OUT OF THIS WORLD kissers and they are so genuine. Cohen's are rare to find, but if you do find one, hold onto him as long as you can. He's legitimately the definition of perfect. Honestly. He's smart, SUPER hot but cute at the same time (which idk if that's even that's possible) and he has a great sense of humour. If you do meet a Cohen...well....consider yourself the most luckiest girl in the world:)
Cameron: Hey did you see the new guy? He is literally everything I'll ever need! Has he asked you out yet.
Sabrina: Yeah, and his name is Cohen,
by baddiez shart too June 17, 2018
A term used to describe an attractive geek. Comes from the character Seth Cohen on the O.C.
Girl 1: Wow, that nerd is hot!
Girl2: I know, he's such a Cohen.
by skinner likes dogfood February 23, 2005
The female version of a Cohen is far from geeky. Intelligence and street smarts are parts of her world but fail to make up the total essence of who she is.A Cohen is beautiful, sexy( due to an exceptionally well-curved bod), and irresistible to the opposite sex. She's a girl who's confident and independent. No man is necessary to make her whole, and that's why they can't resist her charm. A Cohen is quirky, witty, and sweet. Her interests are varied, and this girl can do anything! Just because she's decided she will.
Boy 1(replying to particularly smart remark): "I swear, Cohen, you're more obnoxious than me... good thing your pretty, huh?"

Boy 2: " There's just something about're charming, Cohen"

Man 1: " Cohen,you're gorgeous... and such a smartass"
by matoaks March 21, 2009