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A very intelligent boy that will succeed in life.
Shoma your amazing!
by Jamalthegreat12 October 26, 2019
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Student :teacher teacher, I need to use the potty.
Teacher: can you wait a sec?
Student: no. I have a shoma.

Teacher: a what?
Student: shit hanging out my ass
Teacher: language!

Student: sorry. Anus. I have shit hanging out my Anus.
by brutie_pie July 06, 2014
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Shoma. No, it does not stand for "shit hanging out of my ass". Fuck that. Shoma is a person. He is the greatest entertainer and showman you will ever see. He often has colored hair, and wears blue a lot. But don't let his kind appearance fool you. If you disrespect his love for anime, he will hunt you down and make you watch tentacle porn. Still a great guy though.
Person A: Let me introduce you to my friend Shoma!
Person B: Oh no.

Shoma: *swinging his glow-sticks and chanting anime songs*
by canadianfanboi June 02, 2019
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