The tiny bears that sneak up when you're not paying attention and untie your shoes.

Ever wonder why your shoelaces are untied when you stand up form the sofa, or why you trip up for no reason only to notice an untied shoe? And you know they were tied up proper good all but a moment ago. Yep. You got it. Darned shoelace bears again.
Hot dang, those be some wild pesky shoelace bears!
by Scoopy_Pigeon March 20, 2011
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Fecies in length so astronomically long that its approx. 36 inches long, that near of a shoelace.
Zak: I just had a shoelace shit today.
Rolf: you suck
Nate: ya you do . fuck
by Rolf M Nate G May 29, 2005
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when u are fucking ur friends mom and ur dreadlock falls out and u put the dreadlock in ur friends moms anal cavity
dude i gave brandons mom the jamacian shoelace last night and she slapped me
by a jamacian guy November 24, 2009
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"Hey girl, you wanna tie the shoelace for me?"
"Wtf you talkin' 'bout boi?"
"Your shoelace is untied!"
by Crustin April 17, 2006
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A rather tiresome shoelace that refuses to tie, or stay tied, such as because the shoelace is autistic.
Bro I swear to god if this autistic shoelace unties one more time I'm gonna jump off of this god damn muthafukin bridge
by Autistic Shoelace August 13, 2017
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A shoelace belt is not for bending dowm when you skate, thats a complete misunderstanding. A shoelace belt is worn because it holds up your pants better when you are doing stairs.
When Kyle had to ollie the 8 step he proffered to where a shoelace belt than normal belt
by Ronnie "timmy" January 19, 2009
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“Did you see that alabama shoelace yesterday”.

“Yeah it was good for those damn negroes
by farty turds March 4, 2019
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