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A generic video camera similar to a GoPro but a lot cheaper. Often a Chinese knock-off purchased from eBay or Amazon
Guy1 "Hey man is that a GoPro ?"

Guy2 "No, it's a FauxPro. The real one was too overpriced . "

Guy1" oh I see. Does it work at least?"

Guy2"yeah it's pretty much the same thing as the real one"

Guy 1 "oh. Cool. I might have to get one then"
by I like cheez-it April 12, 2018
Anyone addicted to TikTok, but often teenagers or young adults with room temperature IQs. Can also refer to a TikTok user who post clickbait or cringey content in hopes of becoming "TikTok famous."
"Things about my *insert generic object here* that just make sense! Bing bong!" "Can you quit acting like a Tiktard? It's getting old!"

"You've been staring at your phone for two hours now. So either stop watching TikToks and talk to us or go the fuck home, Tiktard!"
by I like cheez-it June 27, 2022
1). A two wheeled, self balancing, human powered ATV. Used for commuting, exercise, or leisure. Short for bicycle.

2) A motorcycle or other similar two wheeled vehicle driven by an engine or electric motor.

3) The neighborhood whore. Nearly everyone's gone for a ride.
1) "Let's ride our bikes to McDonald's then check out that new park before meeting back at Jake's house!"

2) "Sick bike!" "Thanks man! I restored this vintage Harley myself!"

3) "Hey Stacy's kinda cute. Should I ask her out?" "Not worth it man. She's a bike."
by I like cheez-it June 27, 2022
A small town located in the middle of a cornfield somewhere in bumblefuck illinois southwest of Chicago. Consist mostly of rich white people who have nothing better to do other stare at their iPads and consume drugs. Common pastimes include watching the corn grow and fucking in the cornfields.
The best thing about New Lenox is .... Oh wait never mind. This place sucks.
by I like cheez-it January 29, 2018
An interjection used by Midwesterners to express surprise. Can also be used to acknowledge another person or thing.

“Ope” is pronounced similar to “up”, which can often lead to confusion with non-midwesterners.
“Ope! Sorry I bumped into you. Can I squeeze by real quick?”

“Ope, dropped the ranch!”
“Holy shit that car just ran the red light!” “Ope, the cops are already after him!”
by I like cheez-it September 16, 2020
To drive drunk. Often returning home from a party or other social gathering or to buy more booze.
"Are you sure you want to be designated driver tonight? We could also walk since the bar's only a mile away." "Of course! You know I'm the best booze cruiser in the group!"

"Bro we're almost out of liquor and it's only 10:30!" "Then let's go for a quick booze cruise and get some more!"
by I like cheez-it June 27, 2022
To vanish or disappear without a trace. Can apply to both people and objects.
"Are you sure you didn't leave your phone at the party?"

"100 percent. I had it on me the whole time and remember leaving with it."

"Must've despawned on the way home then."
by I like cheez-it June 27, 2022