You have totally missed the point of a shoelace belt. Skateboarders wear it for functionality not style it doesn't feel very comfortable having a real belt digging in your side while bending down for pop. True some belts feel better than others, but it does not compare to a shoelace belt.
People not being lazy or trying to be cool while wearing a shoelace belt example REAL skateboarders.
by bigohiostatus April 18, 2008
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shoelace belt is used by skateboarders for comfort and better support. Rather than having a thick belt that digs into your hip when bending down or when you fall from doing a set (also tear a lot faster, even if belt is leather) you wear a shoelace belt. Also, shoelaces can be tied to a comfort that isn't gained from a normal belt.

Extra shoelaces are received when you buy skate shoe's cause we tear are laces a lot. They can be used as belts, but most shop's that sell skateboarding pants sell them with shoelace belts (i.e why they are designed by skateboarders).
Ex.1 Boy skating off a set of stairs lands on his side, hurting from his studded belt, doesn't want to do the trick.
Girl skating off a set of stairs falls. Despite the pain, she's still feeling okay enough to try again.

Ex.2 Girl at amusement park washroom, and the lock is broken. she screwed if someone accidentally opens the door on her.
Boy at amusement park washroom, and lock is broken. Uses shoelace belt to tie door locked.
by one15_nate December 24, 2009
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A Short-lived Wisconsin Cannabis rogue Quorum Director who blasts sophistry at the Wisconsin Capitol, but forgets to pay the parking meter so his stupid fucking ass gets his truck towed.
Hey bro, can you float me $500? I was at the Capitol speaking sophistry and forgot to pay the meter. I'm stuck in five o'clock rush hour taking the Shoelace Express.
by xanadude313 September 1, 2019
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A euphemism (another word for) giving a blowjob. Comes from the scene in Harry Potter and the half blood prince when Ginny and Harry are talking, and Ginny says "shoelace" and bends down to tie Harry's shoelace, but it looks like she's going to suck his cock.
Ron: where is Ginny?
Hermione: probably tying shoelaces.
Ron: what? whose?
Hermione: Harry's.
Ron: WTF?!
by SexyRanchDressingMan August 17, 2009
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When you pull just the string from the anal beads back out leaving the beads inside
by 21 jump up November 29, 2016
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Hanging hemorrhoids that become too elongated and yellowed due to the application of over the counter hemorrhoid creams.
Ignoring the warning of his friends, Michael's continual application of Preperation H caused him to have such painful yellow shoelaces that he was unable to sit down.
by Leo D Feltcher March 22, 2007
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When one side of a lace becomes longer due to tying and untying.
These Chucks are suffering from Shoelace Drift! The right side of my lace is like 3 inches longer then the left, Man
by Gilbert Diamond February 22, 2015
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