a shoelace belt is worn by a skateboarder because a regular belt hurts when you fall on it (especially the buckle) and gets in the way when your doing aerial tricks.
tying a shoelace around your waist as if it were a belt, hence shoelace belt
by Sk8Status October 29, 2010
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A shoelace worn wrapped around head in place of a headband.

Helpful because if you need to, you can untie it and use in place of rope.
Shoelace headband:
Elizabeth wore a black and white whole ace headband that day.

How it's helpful:
Elizabeth was in the girls bathroom, when she relized that the door didn't have a lock. She unties her shoelace headband and ties the door to the broken lock on the wall to hold shut the door.
by RoxieRockerGirl October 8, 2011
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What skateboarders use as a belt, but is slowly being turned into something "trendy."
People believe that it's just a trend when it really is not.
True skateboarders will know that a shoelace belt not only keeps you from sagging to much, but also allows freedom of movement for positioning during tricks (trust me a regular belt will dig into your sides), it also is used for replacement of snapped skate shoelaces.
Bro1: "Dang it bro, I just snapped a shoelace trying to back three that sketchy set."
Bro2: "Don't fret man, I got you on lock with my shoelace belt."
Bro1: "Right on. I can never skate when my shoes are loose."
by Johnnygetsilly January 27, 2011
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velco straps
Get that retard some kentucky shoelaces, he cant tie his shoes.
by yea you bet April 11, 2011
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tie ur dick in a shoelace while it's still on ur foot and stomp on the ground as hard as possible.
nigga i cant walk now thanks to the shoelace technique
by tnginanggagopota March 5, 2018
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a metaphorical railroad that you would 'board' to let your friends know that you're walking.
"All aboard the shoelace express!"

Danny: Are you taking your car?
Sarah: No, battery's dead. Looks like it's the shoelace express for me.
by swheatlady February 16, 2009
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