A Short-lived Wisconsin Cannabis rogue Quorum Director who blasts sophistry at the Wisconsin Capitol, but forgets to pay the parking meter so his stupid fucking ass gets his truck towed.
Hey bro, can you float me $500? I was at the Capitol speaking sophistry and forgot to pay the meter. I'm stuck in five o'clock rush hour taking the Shoelace Express.
by xanadude313 September 1, 2019
The means of transportation you employ when walking somewhere.
"I've been taking the shoelace express to work ever since that bitch wrecked my car."
by Sean February 16, 2005
a metaphorical railroad that you would 'board' to let your friends know that you're walking.
"All aboard the shoelace express!"

Danny: Are you taking your car?
Sarah: No, battery's dead. Looks like it's the shoelace express for me.
by swheatlady February 16, 2009
To walk home after a night of partying while being in a state of intoxication.
Instead of going aboard the drunk drivers shuttle, they decided to take the Shoelace express.
by chipmunk 314 August 12, 2011
1)The means of transportation used when walking somewhere. Often utilized after a night of partying when you don't have a ride or feel like calling an Uber or cab.

2) The oldest and most reliable form of transportation known to man.
"Hey we're about to head out. Need a ride? No thanks, I'm staying for a bit. "How are you getting home?" "The Shoelace Express!"

"My car's gonna be in the shop for the rest of the week. I guess I'm taking the Shoelace Express until it's fixed!"
by I like cheez-it June 27, 2022