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Some consider this an art, some may consider a learned skill, and I myself think it is a bit of both. At the onset of the act, can be very technical. However during the closing is pure art. Please keep in mind this a sexual act enjoyed by both partners. Shoe Lacing is when at the time of ejaculation. The man must control himself by holding back the semen (generally by squeezing the penis) this will allow an even flow of release as appose to a pulsation. IE: technical. Now the art form. At this time the man has the opportunity paint what would look like the lacing of a Converse All Star any ware on his partners body, preferably the face.
My girl and I were making mad love last night. I was about to reach an all time high explosion of semen. I pulled out and said in a rage, TIME FOR A SHOE LACE! By the time I was through shoe lacing her, her face looked like a pair of Kedds sneakers.
by Wagssy November 03, 2009
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