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A street word for adding more addictive drugs to another drug
When I found out someone was lacing my marijuana with crack I started wanting crack because it was better
by Lacer12345 June 29, 2009
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when you got that sauce that's lookin extra fire.
Ayo my homie scott got real nice drip with his louis vuitton bruh.
Damn homie his fit is fire as fuck.
by eggski May 06, 2020
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Lacing is an unusual sexual perversion in which a man ejaculates into the food of unsuspecting people. The lacer gets sexual gratification from watching people unknowingly swallowing his semen.
After lacing the hot fudge, Stewart watched in silence while his neighbor's daughter devoured every bite of her ice cream.
by c_anderson February 01, 2006
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To give someone a rampant, bordlerlining on violent, sexual experience
It was legendary gazz, Tecko gave her a real lacing
by Lacing January 19, 2018
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