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Used to define idiocy, or people who are just being a pain in the ass.
Person A: "Want to go to the movies?"
Person B: "Naw, I gotta help my mom with her make up"
Person A: "Your a fucking clown shoe" (click!)
by Shakes the Clown June 15, 2003
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An insult inferring that the reciever is a walking joke, including their actions, habits, appearance, and ultimitly, their existance.
You have no room to talk, clownshoes.

I ran into this guy who was the biggest pair of clownshoes I've ever seen.

"So you had sex with a girl named Clownface? What does that make you, Clownshoes?"
-Tucker Max from his Maxim Radio show.
by Jailhouse August 23, 2006
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1. A stupid person; a dolt.
2. A person of profound mental retardation having a mental age below three years.
3. Marked by a lack of intelligence.

synonyms: idiot, imbecile, cretin, dumbass, asshat, retard
Stop hitting yourself in the head, you clownshoe.

The world is full of clownshoes.
by MongledMonkey May 08, 2003
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something or someone that is a total joke
*your sneakers are fuckin clown shoes dude
*that asshole aint nothing but clown shoes
*dude, your car is total clown shoes
by Joe Clabough February 22, 2005
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1.) One who tries too hard to gain the social acceptance of others.

2.) One who has made a terrible mistake.

also see tool
guy 1: "Hey guys, you guys hanging out? Can I hang out? We can go to the movies or to see a band play or to the mall or..."
guy 2: "Fuck off clownshoes."

guy 1: "Sorry for losing our winning lottery ticket."
guy 2: "Fuck off clownshoes."
by u-e March 31, 2005
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Pejorative phrase. Indicates that a person, thing, or activity is ridiculous; a joke; not worthy of respect; silly; excessive; gaudy; exaggerated for the sake of comedic or dramatic effect; lacking nuance or depth; trite; cliche; stereotypical or oversimplified concept or idea.

Plural: Clown Shoes.

Origin: Shoes worn by clowns, usually brightly colored with a bulbous toe region, are made to elicit a cheap laugh; superficial effect;
Compared to the Playstation 3, the Nintendo Wii is a clown shoe.
by F.T.B. June 17, 2008
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