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An expression used to describe the feeling one has when looking into a loved one's eyes while being overcome with the desire to bite them on the cheek (not too hard). this expression can only be used by someone who is absolutely head over heels in love. It is often used loudly.

Shmooooooooooooook (shmook), I love you with every part of my liver, spleen, and gall bladder.
by Van-D-Lize April 29, 2006
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Adjective - Very cute. Noun - Someone who is very cute.
1. You're so Shmook. 2. You are a Shmook.
by Eskibear August 31, 2003
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Also spelt Shmuk, Smuk, Shmok, Shmik and Schuc.

Portmanteau of stupid crook, with some messed up vowels and a h thrown in there for good measure. Used to express that you thought someone's actions were stupid.

Plural: Shmooki
Verb: Shmookify
Adjective: Shmookationately
Adverb: Shmookily
David: ...and so, I'd forgotten about the huge butt of gasoline I'd left out there. And that's how I invented Wales.
Bowie: You shmook!
by unpseudonymable November 30, 2011
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A word used to accuse another team of having 4 of a kind in the game of Quebbs. A correct shmook gains a point, while a wrongful shmook loses one.
1. Shmook! I win!
2. Hey! You shmooked me wrongfully!
by Mel May 21, 2005
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