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A 5 layer beefy burrito from Taco Bell. It has the exact same weight, warmth, and tactile feel of a baby's diaper full of some hot steamy hemp rope.
I'm feeling pretty lunchy, let's head down to Taco Bell and scooped up a bag full of Shitty Diaper (s)!
by Shit the Bed Fred January 24, 2016
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an inside joke between two individuals, no one quite knows what this phrase constists of, but it is used several times a conversation with people
Oh my, that is what you call a shitty diaper you heffer!
by erzz June 25, 2010
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1. It is a person's underwear after they don't change them after multiple hershey squirts.

2. A person's soiled underwear or pants that have been left in the restroom after a accident. Well, most of the time at it is left at a secluded place left for you to find.

3. A baby's diaper after it has been soiled.
Harvey ate four chili dogs and later found a shitty diaper when he got home.

Dickie had a accident at the beach and left his shitty diaper for the beach patrol to find later.

Lydia won't get off her fat lazy ass to change that baby's shitty diaper.
by Kevin July 31, 2004
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