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When you sleep in your boxers and in the middle of the night your woodie works its way through the little hole in your chonies.
Andrew: Man I was really threading the needle last night when I woke up to this weird dream about the Cowboys.
Jessie: Damn, my rod got stuck and my undies gave my pee hole a wedgie. Woke me up out of a great sleep.

Andrew: I thought I heard you wailing "oh no!" last night.
by JaySteeze January 2, 2015
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1. Something you write on.

2. A surface used to snort any form of substance.
Teacher: Now get yourself a slate an do questions one through eight.

Guy#1: I got some yak.
Guy#2: Put it there on the slate.
by JaySteeze January 9, 2015
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Someone who goes around preaching to the unseen crowd. They can be found in quiet places, or if they are bold, in public, speaking to those who are not there, or to those who are hidden. Most preaching sheiks are borderline or full blown schizophrenics, though are not always crazy, as they appear to be.

Preaching sheiks give entertaining speeches and acts to the spirit world which watches them constantly. This may also be their way of praying to God in a very different style and manner.
if you happen to witness a preaching sheik in action, whether by hearing them preach or watching them put on a show to what appears to be nobody, keep in mind that you might be just the audience they are looking for.
Though alcohol and/or drugs may be involved in the sheik's sermon, they can do it completely sober. They simply choose to exercise their ability to talk outloud when and where they feel comfortable.
Guy#1: Did you see that dude drink a six pack all alone as he talked to himself for like an hour?

Guy#2: Lol, he didn't just talk bro, he danced and laughed at some pretty funny shit. By the way he was talking to whoever might be listening, he's a preaching sheik, not a nutcase.
by JaySteeze January 14, 2015
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Most of the time is a chick who plays with your junk while you sleep, though sometimes it can be a dude. Late night visits are not always sexual and may also include cuddling, talking to you while you answer in your sleep, and weaving vivid dreams that are sometimes, though not always remembered.
Guy: I am not sure why I keep on waking up in these odd positions.
Dr: It's just your fuck fairy playing with you.
Guy: Makes sense.
Dr. (With menacing grin): heh, heh, heh.
by JaySteeze September 14, 2016
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The sound of your speakers when you are slappin bass.
Turn up the bass till you hear the speakers blap.
by JaySteeze January 2, 2015
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When you are unaware of what is going on around you. To be dull to your surroundings.
by JaySteeze January 9, 2015
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1. To have no standards relating to people. To have an open door policy.
2. To be savage of birth, bearing through hell and high water, especially when it comes to cold weather and the raw elements.
3. A Jesus-like figure. Somebody who is perfect, blameless, and performs miracles in astounding ways. They try to see the good in people, however they will be constantly crucified, unjustly, as they try to fit it.
4. Someone who is naive and lacks understanding in social areas, though people would rather not help them.
1. Jason: "Man, why did Jon let these squares come through, they cramping like fuhh."

Andre: "You know Jon, he was born in a barn, he doesn't care who rolls up."
2. Stevie: "It's freezing in here, I can see my breath without even smoking a stogie!"
Josh: "Not everyone was born in a barn, I'll make a fire before the cops show up."
3. Amanda: "I feel antsy tonight, lets round up the squad and crucify us a virgin!"
Nathan: "I know this one guy who was born in a barn, lets fuck his night up!"
4. Guy: "What's a cookie?"
Chick: "What, were you born in a barn or something."
by JaySteeze January 13, 2015
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