When citrus air freshener is sprayed after defecating, it produces a smell that is a combination of the two of these.
"Did you use the entire aerosol can? You smell like shitrus."
by UnFocused1 January 24, 2008
The unique scent created by spraying air freshener in the bathroom to try and mask the smell of a recently taken dump.
"Hey, sorry but I took a crap in your bathroom, do you have any air freshener?"
"No don't worry, you'll only make it smell like shitrus."
by FRIED CHICKEN ON YO FACE December 22, 2013
Combo of Shit and Citrus

When you take a shit and spray Frebreeze making your bathroom smell like Shitrus
Dad: Who sprayed the Shitrus!
Son: I did!
by BillCorridorTheGodofDankMemes November 1, 2016
Slang term, renaming Citrus County, in Florida, which is boring as hell, and pretty shitty.
Tommy: "Hey, I'm moving up to Virginia!"
Sam: "You're leaving me in Shitrus County?!"

One: "Man, I'm so bored"
Two: "Yea, there's nothing to do in Shitrus."
by Masked Octopus July 15, 2011
The smell of shit and citrus mixed together. Occurs when citrus scented air fresheners are sprayed after someone shits.
"Aw, man, it smells like straight up shitrus in my bathroom."
by what8ver October 13, 2015
When life has hit you with so many lemons that now your poo smells like a cross between lemony fresh citrus and shit.
If one more thing went wrong Becky was sure her poop would smell like shitrus.
by LdySk8 May 4, 2018
The smell of Bed and Bath citrus spray after your spray your bathroom immediately following a big dump.
Did you use the citrus spray after you used the restroom? Why yes i sure did and now it smells like shitrus.
by Clay Rookdoggie October 5, 2008