what happens when you have way too much time on your hands and when you have mastered the art of roasting people and people groups
by dankboo November 27, 2018
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When you subscribe to a million different shitposting 'motivational/meme/bad joke' websites and re-share each post on your own Facebook feed.
V posted another shitposting post on FB, 'Grab life by the balls, YOLO'. She is very fond of shitposting
by AJQ January 23, 2014
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A post, typically in a forum, that contributes nothing of value towards , or is an attempt at derailing a discussion; often spamming memes.
"Ah, it's about time for me to shitpost today."
"Stop shitposting, faggot."
by Raven57p November 14, 2017
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Posting the same picture, GIF, or joke repeatedly, until it becomes an annoyance to all users on a site or forum.
"Dude, that guy keeps shit posting Ellen's Oscar selfie. I liked the picture, but now I hate it."

"I know man, shit posting has become the new Rick Roll."
by KaiRavenwolf August 11, 2014
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1. One who posts on social media, especially Facebook, every thought, occurrence, or incident that typically happens during one's normal day.

2. One who spends more time posting thoughts or events that occur their life, than actually spending time experiencing their life.
Ex: Walter is shit posting every damn thing that comes across Ross his mind again. It might be time to unfriend him, he had 10 posts come up on my thread, all meaningless, random thoughts.
by Miike Snow February 25, 2017
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"Maybe people that create things aren’t concerned with your delicate sensibilities, y’know? Maybe the species that communicates with each other through the filter of your comfort are less evolved than the ones who just communicate. Maybe your problems are your own to deal with and maybe the public giving a shit about your feelings is a one-way ticket to extinction."
"You guys need to grow up!"
-"This is a shitposting group you cuck eating sjw".
by toasterpython May 23, 2017
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The act of posting images usually on a image board of things that no one wants to see, or make any kind of sense. People who usually do this end up making themselves looking like a complete idiot.
That guy shitposting images of his shitty "dank" memes deserves to die violently in a Nuclear Genocide.
by In Ass We Trust June 18, 2018
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