A post of little to no sincere insightful substance. Especially a "shit"(low)-effort/quality-post with the sole purpose to confuse, provoke, entertain or otherwise evoke an unproductive reaction. Often exemplified in surreal out-of-context posts.

Shitposts can be many things including memes, spam, and bait - but rarely vice-versa.
Unlike memes, shitposts have no template.
Unlike spam, shitposts don't need repetition.
Unlike bait, shitposts aren't designed for response.
Why does this image of a possum with a gun say "triangle"?
You wouldn't get it. It's just a shitpost.
by got1837 February 9, 2021
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1. (noun) any content on the internet whose humor derives from its surreal nature and/or its lack of clear context. Differs from a meme: whereas a meme's humor comes from its repeatability, a shitpost is funny simply because it isn't a predictable repetition of an existing form. Shitposts can become memes, but memes cannot become shitposts.
2. (verb) to create such a post

A person who shitposts is known as a shitposter
1: did you see that shitpost on my tumblr this morning?
2: no, i hate shitposting
by MaddieHue January 10, 2018
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To make utterly worthless and inane posts on an internet messageboard.
This guy loves to shitpost all over the forums. Look at this crap:

TrevorReznick> my posts are only 5.22% of the total posts on this forum
by jarrynkell January 4, 2008
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A person who regularly submits terrible or nonsensical posts to an internet forum.
These shitposters are screwing up the forums!
by homer55 July 30, 2007
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Humorous posts made for the sole purpose of driving people or groups off topic or for no reason at all. Quality of shitposts may be gold or actual shit. Often confused with meme.
I was browsing shitposts on Reddit today.
by nlolhere March 10, 2020
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a very vague term, describing a low quality, troll, or deliberately dumb post
"shitposts dont get to the front page"
by 322997am September 6, 2017
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Meme God or Goddess. Usually dedicated their lives to sharing memes and making others laugh and/or offended. 10/10 recommend having one in your life.
“Dude, your memes are so funny. You’re my favourite shitposter
by MiriahtheAnn October 6, 2020
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