The act of posting images usually on a image board of things that no one wants to see, or make any kind of sense. People who usually do this end up making themselves looking like a complete idiot.
That guy shitposting images of his shitty "dank" memes deserves to die violently in a Nuclear Genocide.
by In Ass We Trust June 19, 2018
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A short funny video that usually makes very little sense or none at all, and the only reason you laugh is because it is so overwhelmingly dumb.
*sees a video on elevator lore in 3x speed and 144p quality*
"Oh that's a Shitpost/Shitpost status because it is overwhelmingly dumb"
by Based zelda nerd. January 10, 2022
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I honestly dont think STiP0 is a shitposter, because he uploads interesting Dead Rising videos. Underlab just milks the fuck out of Undertale.
by JAKEROX3 December 25, 2016
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incel 1 : hey man did you see what hones posted on shitpost? That was seriously fucked up.

Tronkvis : ?mute @aimee 7days
by Tronkvis January 7, 2020
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A behavior defined by the predilection of people to shitpost when they are scared of a topic of feeling vulnerable.
Man, Bobby was really onto something there about the nature of love and the internet too bad he fell into elastic shitposting when someone made fun of him.
by Guild the Lily November 8, 2020
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funny short videos that have recently blown up on YouTube
Person 1: did you see that funny shitpost status video about those two africans fighting?

Person 2: yeah it was funny.
by Greymooo_yt November 30, 2020
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A form of shitposting where the main premise is philosophical intelligence, or intellectual discussion. Under these guises, the neo-shitpost attempts to create an image of surreal or ironic investment in an otherwise asinine topic. It may or may not build up tension to a point of vividly engaging the reader, and then flip back into a regular shitpost or meme.
"I posted a neo-shitpost last night about how weebs are unfairly treated in western culture due to reciprocation of their consumption, ie spouting occasional Japanese phrases un-ironically and such, compared to western media consumers who may quote their favorite lines from movies and receive no negative attention, and even praise for timing such a line with the current situation faced. An example of this would be talking about the Force from Star Wars."
~ Closet Weaboo attempting to justify his actions
by Mozzarellah January 26, 2017
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