A type of Hitman who utilizes in shtting rather than killing
Man: I'm going to use a Hitman to fuck you up
Robber: What?
Man: A SHITMAN to crap on you, then I'll call the Cops!
by lolmaster444 July 2, 2017
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Shitman is a fictional character, a superhero widely considered to be an Internet cultural icon.

Shitman is the alter ego of 47 year old Namtih Tnega, a village idiot that is often very angry at how unfair the world is towards him.
It's a Turd.. It's Insane.. It's Shitman!
by shitman sucks March 28, 2009
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Shitman =Rohit sharma fans call him hitman but in reality people call him shitman
He dont be a shitman like shittu roshit shatma
by Fanofshitman January 9, 2022
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To excrete, To use the toilet, to empty the bowel.
I'm going for a Shitman. Is there any toilet paper?
by Steve Woodier October 27, 2007
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every time you hit the bathroom in middle school this guy is in there takin a shit
third hour shit break....dude...do you ever leave the shitter shitman?
by crazy hurren nite guy tew shy November 3, 2012
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1.a man and/or woman, made of shit.
2.a person of exceptional shitness..aka are really bad at what theyre doing/trying
1.ahaha...look at that guy try n kickflip...pfft shitman
2.can you play poker?..."nope"....well your a shitman aren't ya?
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A person ya hate that is full of disgust, and is a boring ass with no type of humour or fun.
Kid; LOL, Theres a shitman!!! Friend; LOL I KNOW RIGHT!!
by Charli and Boba Lover xx December 2, 2020
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