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What happens if you take 2 N-Words, you'll get a Negus Nigga!
by lolmaster444 January 6, 2021
Phase 2 of Cease and Desist. Summon your Troops to defeat the Infringer.
Disney, Nintendo, and other companies do a Siege and Desist to summon warriors to kill pirates and take their "booty".
by lolmaster444 August 11, 2018
A move where you drive the millennium falcon into something
See that! I just won a game of Star Wars Battlefront with my millennium falcon punch skills!
by lolmaster444 March 17, 2020
A Character only in Crash Bandicoot 1.
Also made an Appearance in Crash Boom Bang!
The reason why Tawna was removed because it felt like Who framed Roger Rabbit's Jessica Rabbit.
by lolmaster444 September 25, 2017