A word used to define an item that is usually shite, but on one particular occasion is more shite than usual, developed and first used by x00xEMMAx00x and Tyrannical_Hobo on Twitter on 17/10/2012
My god the live episode of Emmerdale was shiterer than usual.
by Tyrannical Hobo October 17, 2012
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a fright or fleg when some one scares u half to death
fuck sake man you gave me a shiter there like
by charlie-boy July 14, 2004
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It means that the moderation for, an online game is Shit.
Roblox has such shiteration. Like their Moderation is actual Shit.
by Pseudo Anounym February 14, 2021
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When you are in the middle of a figurative shit show and human shit literally becomes involved.
by candlegirl October 31, 2019
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Any electric or lp-powered portable toilet used in marine or remote environments where plumbing is not practical to dispose of human waste. Its a shitter that burns the poo into ash when your done.
I really want to install a shiterator on my houseboat so I don't have to hire port-a-johnny to come and pump my shit out of a tank.
by thumbsupracing December 2, 2010
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I think you might have stepped in something... It's all over the tent and mattress now. Shiterally.
by Genghis Kanye February 7, 2018
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Pronounced "Shite-ers'. When someone is drunk beyond belief.
Holy Shit, I was fuckin Shiters last night, I can't remember a fuckin thing!
by Canni X6 March 21, 2017
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