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Def 1. When you find yourself in a bad predicament.

Def 2. When you get hit in the face by a big bag of shit.

Def 3. When your so shitfaced, you shit yourself
Sentence 1: (Nick): We have our biochem test tuesday.
(Dave): Shit bagged.

Sentence 2: That nig shit bagged me.

Sentence 3: I drank too much last night, I even shit bagged my pants.
by Shit bagged March 28, 2010
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Unsuspectingly dipping your balls in a over filled shitty water toilet bowl when in a rush to sit down to relieve yourself
phil ran to a non working bathroom with no lights and sat down to take a shit. When he sat down he realized that he had just gotten shit bagged
by nixon4s August 06, 2013
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when a punk places a bag of shit in the road, and an unsuspecting loser runs over the bag of feces with their automobile.
That blows! you just got shitbagged!
by Lexieeee May 26, 2008
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