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Urinary bladder. In anatomy, the piss bag is a hollow, muscular, and distensible organ that sits on the pelvic floor in mammals.
"I'm just going to empty my piss bag."
by Criminal Activist October 26, 2007
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An exclamation that should be made when passing someone with a moustache, a male emo or someone who just looks a bit bent.

Interchangeable with "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome!" ; "Human Immunodeficiency Virus!" and "Gay-Related Immune Deficiency!"
*Walks past a male emo who has a moustache and looks as though he has homosexual tendencies*
by Criminal Activist October 23, 2007
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'Announcements' that Myspace whores issue on an annoyingly regular basis, bulletins are devoid of any worthwhile content and conventionally consist of a running commentary on the given Myspace whore's boring whore-ish life. 'Quizzes' that ask retarded questions such as: "what is your ex's dog doing right now?" and "do you regret fornicating with the milkman now that you have syphilis?" are also common features. Due to the fact that Myspace whores base their self-worth on the number of picture comments that they can scrounge, you can sometimes get a bulletin that begs for picture comments too!
Some examples of bulletins:

"Picture comments on my new default? I look extra ugly in it! Woo!"
"I'm bored, so why not talk to me and become bored yourself?"
"Do you regret sodomizing yourself with a bread knife?
Have you ever microwaved your genitalia without realising it?
Can't remember."
by Criminal Activist October 24, 2007
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A synonym for 'gay', simply because of the Nazi officer of the same name's homosexual appearance.
"Ugh, look at him! He's Goebbels for sure!"
by Criminal Activist November 18, 2007
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A skillful and rare manoeuvre made only by the most sly and daring of emos when their gay fringe pisses them off to such an extent that any hint of self-control and/or restraint that they had over themselves disappears. The initial relief that the emo experiences upon flicking their homosexual hair out of their face is near orgasmic...but I suppose anything is in comparison to the mental agony they're in...
"Dammit, I can't see a thing..."
*Bumps into a lampost*
"Oh God...That hurt...That lampost totally, like, didn't understand me...I can feel the pain coursing right through me, tearing me apart from the inside, just like when I get my gay fringe cut at the hairdressers'...I'll cut myself when I get home so I can deal with all of my imaginary problems better...Of course, the pain's nothing compared to the emotional pain I'm in...This fringe is getting too much...I can't take it anymore...Maybe if I just give it a quick flick, no one will notice and I'll be able to see where I'm going for a split second...But...What if someone sees? They won't think of me as being 'hardcore' anymore...Uh...Oh, fuck it. It's all in my eyes and up my nose and it tickles."
*Fringe flick*
by Criminal Activist November 01, 2007
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Typically an emo hairstyle, gay fringes are lengthy, thick pieces of hair that dangle over one, or sometimes both, of any given emo's eyes. Gay fringes can vary in length, colour and style, however their length is usually somewhere between eye level and chin level, regardless of the length of the rest of the emo's hair. Their style is usually just ‘the flop’, as most emos are too depressed to do anything else with their hair, which explains why you could fry chips on most emos’ hair. Gay fringes are chiefly black, but can be dyed all sorts of exotic colours to convey the given emo's 'creativity'. Some emos even like to put accessories on their gay fringes, in order to 'jazz them up', if you will. Such additions include, but are not limited to: sequins, stickers, safety pins, glue, jelly babies and badges. Some 'rebel' emos even pierce their gay fringe and go about decorating it that way. Many emos also like to gel their gay fringe so that it sticks to their face, therefore causing them to lose 40-60% of their visual field, contract conjunctivitis and develop acne, which causes the emo to want to cover even more of their face. As you can see, this will continue in a vicious circle until the entire face of the emo is shrouded by hair.

Gay fringes are nearly always straight, because this way they flop into the emo's eyes easier and look more 'scene'...And of course, most emos wear their gay fringe straight; remember, emos are so non-conformist that they all look exactly like each other! It may also be worth noting that gay fringes are unisex, although due to the fact that all emo girls and guys look the same anyway, this isn’t really an issue. Another important factor pertaining to gay fringes is that they all have a common denominator: they look gay. Whether this is because most emos ARE actually gay/ bisexual/ pansexual/ asexual/ lesbian/ vegetarian, and they are trying to illustrate this through their homosexual haircuts remains to be seen...

Regrettably, gay fringes are a growing trend. In order to attempt to control this homo-friendly-fringe pandemic (and in order for you to maintain any of your dignity), it would be advisable for you to refrain from getting your fringe gayed-up, no matter how tempting it may seem.

Finally, a word of advice: if someone you know has acquired this sickening hairstyle that we call a gay fringe (or a variation of), give them some acne cream and some eye drops; warn them about the transmission of Human Immunodeficiency Virus; burn their My Chemical Romance Cds and confiscate their razor.
"Dude, I'm, like, sooo depressed."
"Really? Me too, I just, like, got my fringe cut."
"Gee dude, that's, like, terrible."
"Yeah, my life feels, like, so empty now that I can, like, see again, dude."
"I, like, totally know what you mean, dude. I got my fringe, like, pierced today-"
"Whoa, that's really, like, deep and profound, dude."
"Yeah, but then the jelly baby earring, like, fell out. It was like my soul fell out in my hand. My life's, like, this eternal labyrinth of anguish."
"I have, like, no purpose. I'm gonna go, like, slit my wrists and then dye my gay fringe red with the blood."
"I'll go with you."
by Criminal Activist October 23, 2007
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Black, strong and with no sugar: the elixir of life.
I feel dead...I know, I'll go drink some coffee!
by Criminal Activist October 23, 2007
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