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A developer who does more damage to a codebase than good.
Oh him? He's a useless fuck and has been been sidewards shuffled into the test team.
by b00fhead September 27, 2010
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Jehovah Witness are known for their uselessness and complete incompetence, Their children are living on the streets learning the way of the hobo.
I hate Jehovah Witness! They are a cult of useless motherfuckers! Their children are living on the streets and forced to live in complete poverty! Next time I see one of those fucking assholes I am going to put a bullet hole in their forehead and bomb their fucking church and make sure everyone of them are fucking dead!

Jehovah Witness Useless Fuck
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A group of people that are good for nothing who can't do anything right.
FUT traders are useless fucks!
by Da Man Dan December 06, 2018
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