When the singer in the band neglects his duty when it comes to packin' shit up and goes missing. Then conveniently returns when all the gear is packed up and says he was "networking".
Bass player: where's the singer?

Guitarist: What a shirking bastard!
by Betamax August 29, 2014
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The act of shitting and jerking at the same time. If you can time yourself to climax as you drop a fat shit, you will experience pleasure like never before.
"You here that moaning coming from the bathroom? Ugh and why does it smell like shit too?"

"Don't worry its probably just some guy shirking it."
by The Pube Whisperer October 21, 2015
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to fold, flake out, not get the job dunn
steve didn't show @ practice today, he totally shirked!
by Kwistin March 17, 2005
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verb- To shirk, shirking, shirked

1.To borrow or bum an item with great frequency, instead of just buy one's own. Example, cigarettes.

2. To pawn off one's responsibilities.
1. Shirker- Hey bro, let me shirk a cig of you.

Upstanding gentleman of leisure- Fuck no douche, you shirked a whole pack from me last week.

2. Random gentleman- Hey man are you going to take out that trash?

Shirker- Naw man, I'll just shirk it off on the fuckin new guys.
by Gentleman of Leisure November 15, 2012
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avoid or neglect (a duty or responsibility):
no object, usually with negative (shirk from) be unwilling to do (something difficult):
she is neither shirking nor lying
by Don rajah December 3, 2013
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Man that brother on some shirk stuff man stay away from him.
by Sun Rhythms October 14, 2004
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