a type of Japanese asian mushroom that sissies use as a benign way to say shit
by ihategeometry October 15, 2003
Ramen noodles with the take of shit in them
usually with mushrooms
Lets make some shiitake noodles!
by kkermen April 11, 2009
another way of saying shit, kinda like saying shiite . aside from that in Japanese it literally means "oak-tree mushroom"
by .:Kess:. February 14, 2004

A Japanese-origin mushroom, which is even used in various food styles.
"Don't know what shiitake tastes like, but I can assume it tastes like common mushrooms."
by Dave June 24, 2004
very drunk to the point of sloppiness
Do you remember fuking that huge bitch last night? No man I was shiitaked
by Rachel October 23, 2003
When you accidently say the word "shit" in front of your parents, teachers, etc. you can just cover it up by saying -ake mushrooms!
*George drops his books*
George: "Shit!"
Teacher: "What did you just say young man?"
George: "You didn't let me finish! I was going to say shiitake mushrooms is what I want for dinner!"
Teacher: "Really? Me too."

*George drops his books*
George: "Shit--ake mushrooms are yummy!"
by Anonymous March 12, 2004
When you're hitting a chick back door and you pull out a poop dick. Then turn her around and mushroom print her forehead with your poop dick.
I remember this girlfriend from back in high school. I found out she was banging my dad, so I gave her the Shiitake Mushroomand dumped her!
by *Dirty Dave* September 13, 2009