"shiitake slap" also known as mushroom slapping, or cock smacking, is the action of cock smacking. A shiitake slap is when a person (usually circumsized male) slaps another person with their genetilia, leaving a mushroom imprint on their head.
Jake shiitake slapped Khale and left a mushroom imprint on his head.
I will shiitake slap you!
by Aces R High October 20, 2006
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Oh shiitake toadstools is another way of saying oh shiitake mushrooms. It is also anyone anonymous that follows rule 34.
Oh shiitake toadstools. Anonymous person is searching the pokemon sucking gardevoir on sucking duckduckgo.
by Skip to the Loo December 15, 2020
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When in Japan and a females pulls out a large strap on in front of a man and his erection goes away completely (shrinking in size).
Oh man when I was in Japan this girl gave me a shiitake shrinker and I was ready to come home.
by Acidonym June 09, 2018
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