An Australia slang term to confirm that a situation will be fine or will go as planned.

Short for It will be right or "She'll be right"
Do you reckon you can carry all that?
Yer, shibs mate.
by tailsaz May 25, 2006
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shib: 'shib v Inflected forms: shib.bed; shibb.ing
1 : to consume mass quantities of alcohol in short periods of time <We shibbed hard as shit last night.>
2 : to disregard any form of civility pertaining primarily, but not limited, to skirmishes, sexual encounters, and upset stomach illness <We shibbed hard as shit last night.>
3 : to separate specific strains of DNA from West-African plant life at the quantum-physical level <We shibbed hard as shit last night.>
4 : to informally represent the eastern U.S. city of Bel Air, MD at social engagements <We shibbed hard as shit last night.>
We shibbed hard as shit last night
by Chris March 02, 2005
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(noun)-a meaning representing a group of cool people or things, awesome

(noun)-hatred against something or someone
1A.Look at those shibs drinking da beers
B.Money is shibs,yo
2.Those motha f'ing shibs are going down

a abbreviated version of shibby
by Nevs21 January 24, 2004
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shortened form of shibby meaning in agreeance to any statement made. or just to be completely random and say it whenever you please
man 1:"yo man that green we had the other night was the shit, i dont remember anything that happened!"
man 2: "shib"
man 1: We dont have school tomorrow!
man2: SHIB!
by No-Yes January 25, 2005
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Shibs : (Noun) To combine the characteristics of ''Shotgun'' and ''Dibs'' i.e. A claim declaring ownership of an object or situation.

If one does not wish to participate in an undesirable activity then one muct declare "shibs". Everyone else aware of ''shibs'' must then declare "shibs" as quickly as possible. The last person to declare shibs is the reciprocant of said undesirable activity. In contrast, if the activity is desirable the first to declare "shibs" is the reciprocant.

Honestly the single, most democratic thing ever put forth by anyone in history, EVER.
mccann - *holds up joint*

gary - "shibs"
monty - "shibs.....aww fuck"
mccann - *passes le spliff to gary*
*doorbell rings*
dave - "shibs"
monty - "shibs"
gary - "shibs... seriously guys, fuck you"
*gary goes and answers door*
by Arevi November 10, 2012
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