An expression to say that something bad has happend, or is about to happen.
AWW FUCK, i stubbed my fuckin toe.
by voro blackheart July 3, 2010
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The act of giving up on something, most likely when the individual in question has not even tried to perform the task.
Craig - "dude, u should really get that 15 page thesis done, its due tomorrow!"
Rogelio - "aww fuck it!"
Craig - (under his breath) "Lazy bastard!"
by getoffmybackud July 15, 2011
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1. Extreme dissapointment, sadness, loss, rejection and slight fear of some sort.

2. Strange form of horniness.
1. "Aww fuck me cunt I dropped the weeed."

2. "Haarrrdeerr LARRY!"
by Lit_turtle2864 June 23, 2022
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