Talented and funny with a cheerful character that you love to be around. Beautiful, and extremely weird and perverted.

Flirty, gorgeous, and usually random.
we love you Shena !
by marjorienmaria;D September 09, 2011
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totaly awesome loves being around friends and family, super funny and kind and loves potatoes
BOB: you see that girl shes a total shenae
RANDY: oooooh yeah
by thicc_stick March 18, 2019
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A beautiful soul loving caring sensitive emotional woman who moves with grace and no fear of the future
Shenae achieves All she sets of to accomplish.
by Gangstastarlight916406 November 26, 2020
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College age woman that loves Aussies and Australia. Also is fond of volunteering and saving the environment from hooligans that think they can take advantage of our one true mother earth.
Dude, that chick Shenae can do a wicked Aussie accent, super hot.
by Mutha Ucka September 27, 2010
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Shenae is an amazing girl, who u to to keep in ur life forever, she is gorgeous on the outside and is full of emotions. She is never afraid to say what she thinks, and will always be there for u whenever u need her.
Shenae F I said a wonderful girl.
by Mia-Grace July 15, 2019
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Skanky chain-smoker from 90210 and Degrassi. Steals boyfriends and fakes virginity.
slut Degrassi 90210 chain-smoking narcissist bitch Shenae Grimes
by ChewbaccasBitch January 04, 2010
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