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Sledging with added physical abuse. However, with shedding the objective is not so much to put the victim off his stroke, but rather to reduce them to a submissive, gibbering wreck.

As well as ‘vanilla shedding’, hardcore shedders are reported to indulge in ‘ruff shedding’, which involves dressing up in period costume, and ‘gruff shedding’ where four-legged horned ruminants are added to the mix.
Steders: Shedding really gets my goat!
by Citizen Sade March 17, 2008
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Woodshedding, a musicians term for practicing. Harkens back to idyllic pastoral time when one might take their Harpsichord or Udu out to the lean to in the back yard and practice their fugues or minuets till their fingers bled, while poultry and other livestock are slaughtered by the hired hands.
Zippy started out with a bit of a tin ear, but after months of shedding on his ukelele, he could hold the attention for almost 63 seconds.
by UD grifter May 28, 2009
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When you project your own problems onto someone else.
Guy1: you're bad at Mobile game cause of your fat thumbs
Guy2: stop shedding

This implies that guy1 has fat thumbs and is projecting that onto guy2
by RJ Rubin June 03, 2018
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The act of locking a friend or foe in a shed, generally for a laugh.
Liam: Oi Alex remember when we shedded Connor?
Alex: Oh Yeah, that was shedding, what a prick.
by roachicorn September 09, 2011
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