She beautiful girl and hot girl. She is skinny. In some guys had in there dreams.
Sharry is most in some boy in dreams.
by Karandhillon January 17, 2019
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When two or more people share the burden of carrying something together.

My god, how are Joe and Brendan sharrying that bronze statue of Judge Easterbrook so easily?

Hey can you help me sharry this Zima-filled cooler over to the tent?

Give me 5 minutes, I'm so tired of sharrying these boxes of original Byzantine pottery, ask Adam if he'll help you.
by gulo gulo June 14, 2011
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A fictional Nadsat word found in the book by Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange, meaning "buttocks".

Nadsat is a constructed slang dialect of English with many Russian influences invented by the linguist, novelist, and composer Anthony Burgess
Come and get a boot up your sharries, sir!
I like the way her sharries shake when she walks.
by Walkwithmeinhell November 28, 2007
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Literally the best ship name perhaps ever to exist if you ever come across sharri you better back off because they WILL beat you up
“Did you see the new edit of sharri today?”
“Yes it was ART
by Sharri shipper 😳. April 1, 2020
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When you don’t know how to describe something, you can now use the word ‘sharrie’.
Person 1: how are you feeling

Person 2: just a bit sharrie
by Girls-on-film•=• August 11, 2021
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