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The demon of any store that the employees fear.... this dangerous creature lurks in the lairs of unvaccinated children homes and her number one goal is to talk to your manager. You would know if this woman is a Karen is by their hair, they usually wear a bob and is typically blonde. Just hope that the Karen’s will not enter your store today. For it is a sight even demons fear?
Employee: hey how can I help you?
Karen: I will speak to your manager.
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by Girls-on-film•=• April 13, 2020

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The thing that the guy at the end of your street in a trench coat is dealing on the black market.
Guy: what is your fetish

Other guy: feet.
by Girls-on-film•=• April 03, 2020

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An amazing film that I star in as that one screaming monster in the background.
Guy: what’s that amazing film that has weird creatures and a dumb plot?
Other guy: oh that’s the dark crystal.
by Girls-on-film•=• April 03, 2020

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‘I see a little silhouette of a man’
Brian, John, roger and Freddie: scaramouch scaramouch will you do the fandango?’ - silhouette
by Girls-on-film•=• April 03, 2020

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Something that will fuck you up more than drugs ever will.
Him: I love you.
Her: I don’t.
by Girls-on-film•=• September 20, 2020

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Some sexy ass stuff. Don’t shave. Hair. Sexy.
Person 1: hey do I have to shave tonight?
Person 2: no I like the hair
by Girls-on-film•=• April 24, 2021

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This is means many things depending on the tone in the way it’s said, mainly used by weeks as code communicating.
Weeb: Reeeee *sadly*
Weeb: reeeee *understandingly
by Girls-on-film•=• September 07, 2020

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