Common Indian surname. Mostly families dealing with business and accounts.

That one person in any Indian locality whose son is better that you in every field. Even if you invented it.
Sharma ji ke Bete Ko dekho!
by SarcasticIndian November 1, 2016
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Somebody from a highly respected family. Someone who is very capable, smart, funny, extrusive, and great at making someone smile. Someone who can outstand your expectations, reach great hieghts, and accomplish many difficult tasks.
The Sharma family is very much capable of many things.
by foxesrbae March 6, 2015
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Bad Karma derived by leaving a public toilet or port-o-let in an unsavory condition after your movement. This action leads others to suffer and will come back to haunt you in a variety of possible ways: no TP when you need it most, no ass-gaskets when in a rough stall, a blow out in a public place, etc...
Dude, that port-john has been destroyed! Sharma is a bitch! That Sharma has a way of coming 'round to bite you in the ass!
by voe-voe May 21, 2013
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robbing someone. Preferably DaBank.
yo bois. We going to SHARMA DaBank tonight.
by nasque December 29, 2020
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Doing a Sharma is rimming a girl and not shagging her.
I was out with Tibz and the lads and pulled this banging girl. Took her home and gave her a Sharma!
by sydney shore May 31, 2017
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He's an extremely tall and sexy Indian who likes to play basketball. He's also kind of a doofus.
person 1: man that guy is awesome at basketball
Person 2: Yeah,that's Sid Sharma
Persson 1: He just failed at flirting with that girl, though
person2: yeah that was a fail
by Hao Jiang March 7, 2013
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Rhea Sharma is a beautiful, gorgeous and cute actress of itv who acts naturally
Even though she is not much active on SM she is one of the most trending actress of itv
The best quality about her is her simplicity and down to earth nature
Rhea Sharma is a rising star
by Kanak Rathi January 25, 2021
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