A rising star refers to the penis as it goes from sleeping to erect (or somewhere on that spectrum).
Rising star is so called because the penis begins to rise. Often this is caused by the hint of sex, talking about sex, or seeing something erotic. It can also happen spontaneously, especially in pubescent boys who suffer (or enjoy!) many rising stars on a typical day.
Bob sat looking at Miss Jones writing on the blackboard. His rising star was obvious to his mate David, who reached under the desk and fondled it.
Soon Bob's rising star was a full blown stiffie and he really wanted to blast a load.
by Riser January 7, 2006
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A shit stain on a map that’s stuck in the past. A majority of the people in the town are meth heads, alcoholics, or both. Although most of the town claims to be religious, they are nothing more than backstabbing liars who will use you to get their way. A lot of people think they are country but they are nothing more than crackheaded/alcoholic cosplayers. Some people think they can “save the town” but at this point it’s like beating a dead horse to try to get it to be a racehorse.
Rising Star Texas is the type of town that should be turned into a wasteland from Fallout
by Broke balla June 20, 2020
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ENHYPEN is the GLOBAL RISING STAR. they are known for their visuals, vocals, dancing skills and were given this title (along with many others such as MONSTER ROOKIES and 4TH GEN HOT ICON) for their growth in speed.
“the title GLOBAL RISING STAR follows ENHYPEN wherever they go!”
by ashzs January 22, 2022
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A pointless game where young players can show off their skills against no defense
Cavs fan: Whoa check out Kyrie!! He buried 8 trays in the NBA Rising Stars game...What a boss!

Everyone else: Be quiet ya noob (or flame), no one even plays D.
by tehmadman February 26, 2012
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