5 definitions by SarcasticIndian

A short ballerina, pole dancer or artist in a dance form that involves spinning.
When your short friends joins the ballet, you can call her a midget spinner!
by SarcasticIndian October 21, 2020
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Common Indian surname. Mostly families dealing with business and accounts.

That one person in any Indian locality whose son is better that you in every field. Even if you invented it.
Sharma ji ke Bete Ko dekho!
by SarcasticIndian October 31, 2016
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Common Indian surname often confused with Agrawal, Aggarwal, etc. Usually sweet shop owners in a locality.
Get some kaju barfi from Agarwal sweets.

My name is Agarwal, not Agrawal!
by SarcasticIndian October 16, 2016
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Amalgamation of Hippopotamus and Hypocrite. Such a huge Hypocrite, it must have a different definition.
Your such a Hippocrite
by SarcasticIndian August 27, 2020
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