17 definitions by wakkadoodooo

The phrase said before a christain tries to flaunt their imagined moral superiority, and gain protection from the fucked up bible qoute they are gonna say.
As a christian, i dont believe a woman should have authority over a man. 1 Timothy 2:12
by wakkadoodooo February 08, 2016
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A group of rich white people telling poor white people that the cause of their poverty is brown people.

A group of sociopathic hedonists telling christians that the threat to America is gay people and atheists.

A group of people who get support by protecting unborn babies whilst simultaneously making it harder for live babies and their mothers to survive.
by wakkadoodooo February 08, 2016
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When someone, in a last-ditch effort to get rid of a virus, deletes everything completely off a computer and reinstalls windows.

Origin: When trying to combat illnesses, the CDC or variant for that country will set things on fire to contain the spread of infection. They will burn dead bodies, towns, clothes, food, and even the ground with flamethrowers if there is a reason to believe the virus/bacterium could survive in dirt.
I tried AVG, Avast, Casperky... all of them. I ended up scorching the earth.
by wakkadoodooo June 27, 2012
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A bro, douchbag. A frat boy honky fuck from the 909 with blastic nuts hanging from his raised truck. Gets drunk and starts fights at the county fair.
All the dudes that fuck with harold and kumar are fucking scuds.
by wakkadoodooo January 01, 2016
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When a person goes on a date with someone they aren't interested in just so they can get a free meal. Usually done by women, cause let's face it, women almost never pick up the bill. Comes from the words sneaky and eating.
I was wondering why all these dinner dates from Tinder women weren't leading to a relationship. It turns out that women use Tinder for sneating now.
by wakkadoodooo January 17, 2021
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1. A direct forceful rush by a defensive player in football.
1. The quarterback was caught off guard and a defensive lineman picked up the fumble. His only choice was to bull rush.
by wakkadoodooo September 11, 2011
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