A girl that can make just about anyone laugh. Her smile always puts you in a happy mood. She has a great sense of humor, and anyone she meets instantly likes her. She's one of the most awesome people you would ever meet. She's really creative, can do practically anything, and will never bore you. Don't mess with her though, because she will kick your butt if you do. On the contrary, she is the sweetest, kindest, most nicest girl, and loves making others happy.
Person: Who's that?
Other person: Oh, that's Shanti. Go say hi! I think you'll like her.

Girl: Here, homeless man. Have this extra dollar.
Homeless man: Oh, thank you! You're such a Shanti!
by Meh1234567890 May 29, 2013
The most beautiful amazing person who ever walked this earth. She's smart and has the most fascinating mind to explore. Her heart is huge and she is so caring for everyone around her, not to mention shes the most beautiful girl youll ever lay your eyes on.
If you meet her, you will instantly like her. But if you get on her bad side, god help you because you will suffer for sure. Everything about her is beautiful.
Person 1: whos that? She seems so cool.
Person 2: oh yeah thats Shanti. She's awesome.
Person 3: and beautiful. Damn. I wish i was her friend.
by 2pshycos November 16, 2018
Amazing person who everyone likes and is beautiful and perfect to the point where it is annoying
Jim: look at that shanti shes so hot.
Bob: ya shes a total shanti
by Jimbob1234323 December 19, 2012
She is nice . She is pretty , she have a very sweet head and she is nice to be around , she think she eddie girlfriend , but he be cheating on her with Maiyona and more girls he is madly in love with Imani
Shanti loves Eddie
by Brittany banks May 19, 2019
Shanti can mean many things, here are some of the millions; yes, no, maybe, I don't know, Of course, 6 o'clock, door handle, foreskin, mine shaft, trap, why, maybe, could you repeat the question, dictionary, binary... there are many more.

It is pronounced Sh-ant-e

Sub-note: Shanti must not be mistaken for Shanto
Richmond: " What's up man?"
Dave: " Shanti, shanti" (In this case: not much, not much)

Geri: "What time you off to bed Rice?"
Rice: "Shanti, I think" (In this case: 12, I think)

Ollie: "I'm a stupid homo that no-one likes"
Grace: "Shanti, shanti" (In this case: True, true)
by Shanti Shanti Shanti July 19, 2010
Are the kind of people who commonly dress in purple, decorate their rooms with mandalas, or pictures of Hindu deities, and go about putting quartzes and little bowls with salt in the corners of their house.
I like that girl, but she's too shanti shanti for me.
by Pachanka August 20, 2007
Used to describe a thing or person that is trying a little too hard to be everything spiritual and hippie and enlightened
Bob: Dude, what happened to Craig? Why is he wearing feathers in his hair? He never even wants to do anything other than yoga and meditation these days..

Bill: I don't know, man, he was pretty normal before he went to India, then he came back all shanti shanti.
by PseudoNimbleasaseahirss July 6, 2017