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1. To talk shit and get hit.

2. To try your best at sports such as football and track and end up being a horrible thing to watch.

3. To eat your fortune along with the cookie at a Chinese food buffet.

4. To viciously masturbate mentally
1. If you keep shanning then shits going down.

2. I was shanning so hard in practice today, I have to find a way to not suck.

3. We were sitting in the restaurant and out of nowhere this dumbass just starts shanning.

4. My mom caught me shanning to my imaginary girlfriend while i was playing xbox.
by Ol Dirty Drawz March 24, 2011
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When you desperately want a relationship so you convince yourself you have a crush on someone close to you. This can sometimes end in you telling them you like them and them rejecting you, leading to the end of your friendship.
"I'm totally shanning Chris right now"

"Do you really have a crush on Emily?"
"I don't know just think I'm shanning her"
by DevilBabyHairs July 15, 2017
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Word used to describe a gay guy who has yet to come out the closet. Guy who pretends to have interest in women to cover his true sexuality.
God, he is so hiding that he is a shanning.
by tearsheal08 December 19, 2004
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