Another name for the Hindu divination, Shiva. Ancient Hinduism tells us that there was only a vacuum in space. Out of this vacuum, a Supreme Being was born. The name of this Supreme Being is generally accepted as Brahman, however, there is debate between Hindu philosophers as to who this Being was. The Supreme Being handled the task of creating the universe. The problem arose that in order to conserve existence, the universe or parts of the universe needs to be maintained and then destroyed as well. Thus, the Supreme Being split up into three different supreme "Gods". These gods were Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, the Creator, the Maintainer, and the Destroyer respectively. Thus, the creation, conservation, and destruction of the universe started.

Shiva was known as an ascetic got that made his home at the top of Mount Kailash in the Himalayas. He wore a tiger-skin "skirt" and a cobra around his neck (Shiva was also the serpent-god). He is usually shown with four arms, tied up hair, and the moon in his hair. He sits on a stump on Mount Kailash with one leg crossed and one leg hanging down. Shiva's main weapon is the trisul or in English, trident. He carries this in his lower right hand. He is also shown holding an Indian percussion instrument in his lower left hand. His two upper hands are situated in a meditating position. Shiva Shankar has a third eye in his forehead situated up and down that when open, is the source of all the peaceful and vengeful destruction in the world.

Shiva is usually in deep meditation setting out the path of the world and its destruction. Although being attributed to demons and asuras, he is also favored by many of the lower, materialistic gods such as Indradev and Narad. However, Shiva Shankar is not pleased easily and has a very destructive temper. For example, when the Hindu god of love, Kamadev shot an arrow of love at Shiva so he could fall in love with Parvati and produce the child (Kartikeye) that would kill an evil demon, Shiv struck him down with his third eye and destroyed him.

In modern science, many scientists believe in the continous loop theory of the universe. This theory includes the universe expanding, reaching a peak, then shrinking to nothing. The process would repeat over forever. The Hindu Supreme Gods, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv Shankar (Mahesh), coincide with this continuous theory in order to follow conservation while making all of life immortal.
Shiva Shankar is the God of Destruction, Serpents, Tigers, Asuras, Mountains, Ascetics, Poison, Dams, and Weapons.
by Vikaas April 8, 2006
He is a strong hearted charming bloke, he is very charismatic and doesn't care about death, sadly most shankars are also chain smokers, but during a party they are the most lively and entertaining people.
Person: whose that badass he's stealing the party..
Person 2 : yeah what a Shankar, I'm gonna ask if he wants a drink.
by Ripstagang September 17, 2011
a hairstyle that appears to be made entirely of pubes, generally in an afro shape
that dudes got a shankar going on, poor bastard
by tim--maynard February 16, 2008
A boy who rarely cares about others,however he has a very petite understanding about the world around him/her and dosent act like his gender.
O look that boy is weird (shankar)
by DR.Samuel July 5, 2018
The greatest Sitar player of all time, he played with George Harrison (The Beatles) a few times and was also playing at Woodstock, however was not included in the Woodstock movie.
Me: Ah Ravi Shankar is such a great artist
Guy at my school: What? I'm busy listening to N-Dubz
by LookAtJohnWillJa January 29, 2011
Commonly used in the underground rave scene in India and Israel.....'Shankar' is one of the many names for Shiva, one the 3 main deities in the Indian pantheon.

His dance is the rhythm of the world, the beat of the heart, the cycle of day and night. He lives in the Himalayas, and lies in the mountains smoking cannabis and his hair flows down from the mountains as the holy river Ganges.

His worshippers include "sadhus"; wandering mendicants, whose worship includes smoking chillums of hash/ganja (Marijuana), so they became very popular with the wandering freak set India.

bom, or boom, or bem, or bam is a sound --- a sharp sound.

Boom Shiva: it is said by sadhus before they light the chillum to: sanctify it Shiva, let Shiva know the chillum is being smoked, let other sadhus et al know to come share a chillum

Loosely translated as: OH Shiva... I`m smoking a chillum, hey you sadhus, come and share it with me"; Also used in the rave scene while lighting a chillum (or even a spliff/joint at times) and passing it around.

Other variants: boom, bem, bom, bam, boom, boom shiva, boom mahadev (greatgod), bembaleh.
Raver 1: Heres the chillum i just made, why dont you start by lighting it....!

Raver 2 : Thanks baba.....BOOM SHANKAR (and lights Chillum)
by Irfan Khan May 18, 2008
A musician and composer from India. The best Sitar player in recorded history and one of the greatest musicians ever.
Western Guy: Whatcha listening to?
Pashtun Guy: Ravi Shankar.
W G: yeah.. I've heard of him, he is the father of Norah Jones right? He plays music too, huh?
Pashtun Guy walks up to Western Guy and beats his brains out with the Sunday Special Issue.
by the_last_vestage_of_truth April 22, 2010