A very generic and mainstream band from London, UK, who are definitely not, as somebody suggested, a grime crew. They make typical UK pop music. The members are Dappy, who is an idiot who watches In The Night Garden, Fazer, who could have been a credible MC had he not joined N-Dubz, and Tulisa, who is fairly pretty but decided to appear on the X Factor, a rubbish singing-contest which is popular in the UK. Teenagers who follow the crowd listen to N-Dubz; people who like real music definitely don't.
Person 1: "N-Dubz are the sickest grimers"
Person 2: "They aren't a grime crew, and there is no such thing as a grimer"
by Frozen Hysterical January 29, 2012
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Referred to by Wikipedia as "a British MOBO-award-winning hip hop group from London".

However, referred to by most as a very poor quality pop group, whom are considered as much 'hip-hop' as Dappy is considered 'a skilled musician and/or artist'.
normal person: that new N-Dubz group are wack.
n-dubz fan: as if blud they are safe, real good hip-hop.
normal person: if you were slightly more educated than a wild chimpanzee you might realise otherwise.
by jrjchapman February 1, 2010
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A group of three from London. Including Dappy, Tulisa & Faze. both Dappy & Tulisa are cousins which is disgusting because of the fact that their always in love in the songs. They seriously can't sing and are known as chavs. one of the worst band ever.
Joe: You seen the new N-Dubz video
Jack: Yeah it's so cheaply made
Joe: well what do you expect? they are chavs.
Jack: true
Joe: and that girl is suck a slut
by some one with ears March 20, 2010
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N-dubz are a british hi-hop band from camden london.
They are very popular with kids aged 12-18

The band band includes Dappy(DINO)Contostavlos
Emily:Im Going to see n-dubz dis weekend init
Sophia: Oh My DAIIIS!!!!! There Sick
Emily: I Kna Bruv Na Na Frikin!
by em-n-dubz July 24, 2011
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N-Dubz are a MOBO award winning grime group from Camden Town,London. one of the best

You Beter Not Waste My Time
I Swear
Feva Las Vegas
Missing You
Love For My Slums
N Dubz
Where I'm From
Work Work
Ouch -
Defeat You
n-dubz are too much
by oioi2008 September 20, 2008
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Very good grime band... had a hit with "i swear" and "feva las vegas"
Gangsta 1:Yo yo yo am goin 2 c N-dubz this weekend
Gangsta 2:Blad am sooo jelus!
Gangsta 1:Yea u shud b theyre Phatt!

(gangsta 1 walks off showtin "brrrraaaappp!"
by Unknownnnn May 6, 2007
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