Sexiest, most skinny man who ate everything.
John: Were's my chocolate.
Paul: George Harrison ate it.
John:How is he so skinny?
by rogert dant June 18, 2011
The most mysterious and reclusive member of the Beatles. He wasn't as fond of his fame as John Lennon or Paul McCartney were, but is still regarded as one of the greatest Britons of all time.
George Harrison was a very underrated guitarist.
by ChrisSCI May 16, 2005
Born on February 25, 1943, George Harrison was the lead guitarist of the sixties English rock band, The Beatles. He led a successful solo career after the break up of The Beatles as well. On November 29, 2001, George Harrison died of cancer.
George Harrison is one of the best guitarist ever.
by beatlesfreak January 15, 2010
the guitarist for as well as youngest member of the Beatles; sometimes called (and in my opinion) the most intelligent, funny and attractive Beatle, he wrote many songs such as Within You, Without You, Don't Bother Me, Piggies, Something and Here Comes the Sun; starred as himself in all three Beatles movies (A Hard Day's Night, Help!, Magical Mystery Tour) married Pattie Boyd who later divorced him for his good friend Eric Clapton; later married Olivia Trinidad Arias; died at age 58 of lung cancer on December 1st, 2001; has one son, Dhani Harrison
George Harrison will be missed. R.I.P.
by holyfuckmaeveloveszthebeatless February 19, 2010
One of THE BEST guitar players in the history of man kind. He was one of The Beatles. Also the youngest of the four. Peoe claimed him as "The Quiet One." He don't have to speak. His feeling goes through a guitar. When he left the fab four, he was the first one to get a hit. He has made some pretty recognizable songs. He was also FREAKING SEXY AS H***. He died November 29,2001. Years before his death he has wrote books. (He was a paperback writer 😝)
Person 1) "Dude who is this George Harrison?"

Person 2) "George is the one where when you meet eyes with him, you get lost into his passionate soul. You go crazy swing his long fingers. You melt seeing his cheek bones. When you see him shirtless, you pass out on the spot. You wish a lot of men were like George."
Person1) "OK... I was just asking who he is not your turn ons"
by George Harrison freak March 4, 2015
Lead Guitarist of The Beatles. Known as "The Quiet Beatle" due to his shyness , one of the best people to ever live.
Damn George Harrison is a sexy bitch
by mhmohyeah November 27, 2009
The overlord of the Daddy Dimension and the Superior Beatle
Person 1: who’s George Harrison?
Person 2: hmm...only the OVERLORD OF THE DADDY DIMENSION
by _ZooWeeMama_ September 19, 2019