Shani is synonym of perfection of form, full of life, colour with very noble and spiritual qualities;
Warm and enderearing, that will elevate you with her presence.
Like a drug that you want to consume until exaltation
That makes you feel different things, see a world after the world
Makes you want to go... Oh so far, and take an eternity just to get back.

Shani is synonym of giving meaning to all meanings;
Not seeing her is like a melancholy of going thru certain paths alone and surrounded by emptiness
That will get you lost, but in that moment of visual contact
You find that this ache is no ache at all
It is like dying and be born again, how to grow, to smile and make smile.

Shani is synonym of a landscape with perfect illumination and framing;
You will want her like no one else
With only the chance of having an imitation, in an unfocused past reality
But still a magic reflection where you see her smile in your dreams
After you will feel hot and then cold, a delirium and finally a sigh....
Only for, in the end, you welcome the euphoria that was to ever have intersected with her.
Shani takes you to heavens so high, you will get burnt with the sun.
by Zé_Srv November 11, 2021
A girl with a sensitive heart but a beautiful face. She is shy and gentle, yet loud and funny. She is a big procrastinator and never seems to finish anything, but her wit and intelligence outshines those matters. She loves to laugh and smile.

When she looks at you, you feel as if you are being evaluated by a noble and trustworthy queen. Everything else melts away and you are lost in the deep brown of her eyes. She is tall with finely sculpted muscles, yet elegant and graceful. She will pull at your heartstrings and you will fall in love with every aspect of her. When you see her, you can't help but look after her with a longing in your heart of her body and soul.

Shani's face is a different matter. The gentle curve of her lips when she smiles, the bend of her neck, the shape of her eyes; all majestic in its own ways. Her features will hit you smack in the face and you will have a hard time taking it all in. You will hold your breath, and wonder how such a beauty could come across in your life

Shani, although sweet and sugar-like, is very blunt and straightforward with whatever she says. She will tell you what she thinks, and only that. She is also very quiet at times, but loud and argumentative the next. She will argue all day so long as her point is made.

Shani is the best thing you could ever hope for in your life, so be grateful if she happens to be in yours.
Shani is the love of my life and no one can take her away from me

Shani's natural sense of humor makes her the ultimate friend
by InLoveWithShani! April 27, 2010
love is a beautiful thing, made to share.
How sad it must be not to feel it.

Shani - feels love and shares the feeling.
by pink October 29, 2004
A genius. She always points her finger in pictures and her nostrils flair when she says serious things. She can get any guy but they are never good enough for her. She knows this girl named Maayan who just happens to be awesome but she didn't figure out what was going to happen in the last episode of GOT. But Shani did so she is a genius.
No one:
Shani: "Did I mention that I am a genius"
by Maayan with a b May 20, 2019
The most epically amazing guy in the world. Has the cutest brown eyes and is good at sports, is pretty damn tall, and will have a crush on one girl. Shanil is the type of guy who isn’t really popular at school but doesn’t give a fuck about it. He will have a crush on one girl. The girls name will probably start with an e, v, or k. He will have a best friend who will never leave his side and he will do great things.
“Bro did u just see Shanil get that girl bro, wait a minute.... that’s my fucking girl!!”
by John Fuckin Wick December 13, 2018
Shani is the most sexy person you will ever meet. She is dating a girl named sammy. they met on palace and will never be broken apart! EVER!!!!! She worked at av heaven, avinn, and now she works at Deathly Hallows. Shes a 15 year old banana whore who has the hots for a taken doode named kit! LOLOLOLJK! She loves to rp and pee in cups! She would kill for homemade chocolate chip cookies! Shes also a matthew lush fan, bisexual, and a vedgitarian!
Shani says something like this to everyone: "HIHIHIHIH. IM SHANI. AND AND AND AND AND AND. ILY."
by Shaniqua Mutchler April 21, 2008