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A girl of wonder. Her mind leaks intelligence and her body moves like the ocean. To say she is unlike anyone you've ever met is an under statement. She's kind and honest, she can be brutally honest but only when she is looking out for you. She is easy to love and she loves easily but she only falls in love when it's really real
This girl feels like a shanga, her spirit is so pure and full of adolescence but her mind is soulful and seems like it's seen every aspect of the world.
by srhoasnega May 07, 2017
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I.e. Meaning something good
Thats the shanga!: thats brilliant!

Julia is the shanga at georgraphy: Julia is brilliant at geography.
by Lillyolo23 September 28, 2014
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A psycotic bitch. Usually will leave her signifigant other after a montha and move on to her next victim.
Wow, she is being a bad Shanga right now
by Thig nasty October 22, 2013
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