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an amazing person, opinionated, smart, unique, jealous at times but always get's over it. has her own style, get's pissed off when people copy her. affectionate, enjoys helping others, has beautiful eyes, a contagiuos smile. is always honest. but, doesn't think twice to lie, to protect her reputation or the reputation of the ones she loves. can do different accents. and ventures to succeed in life, and in everything she does. aspires to do her best, and be her best. is always confident.
Shanaya is an amazing individual.
by Marvin's Room June 12, 2011
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Fun,cheerful,happy,getting angry easily,lots of energy
Shanayah is a great person to hang out with she has heaps of energy she always has fun she's always cheerful she makes everyone happy.When ever her friends are sad she makes them all better and smiling again.But she does get angry easily if someone torments her she gets angry or even if someone copies what she says but she is still a great person to have around.If you had someone like that as your friend you will be happy and cheerful like she is.You should have a Shanayah because they are great to have as a friend.
by Shanayah July 12, 2015
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Shanayah is a beautiful girl, in fact, one of the most beautiful girls you'll ever have the pleasure to meet. She's funny, witty, and modest. She's not very outgoing. Honestly, she would rather sit at home and play Skyrim. But she is more gorgeous than anyone I've ever known. Her looks can knock you out, and her personality will kill you. She's my definition of perfect.
Shanayah is rad.
by lamechapstick June 11, 2014
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Shanaya is the beat person you will ever meet. She is super pretty and is extremely funny! :) She has loads of friends and she likes to be called the 'Queen' so I think she should be treated like one. โ™ฅ๏ธ
Shanaya is so pretty, isn't she?
by Icecreamsmoothie February 01, 2018
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The cutest little cutie there ever is!! she makes everyone laugh with her curry attitude. She's a 69 year old pedo!
person 1: OMG Shanaya is so cute

person 2: DUDE she's like a old fart
by Shanaya stalker575 October 09, 2011
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A shanaya looks like a beautiful and kind girl on the outside but dont be fooled. Shanayas are arragant and bitchy girls and will gossip on just about everything - even their own friends! they're really flirty, and will do anything to get a guy to notice them. Shanayas usually have lots of body hair, big owl-like eyes and would wear lots of eyeliner. Be careful of Shanayas.
Guy 1: "man that girl has so much facial hair!"
Guy 2: "Yeah, must be a shanaya."
by wetv December 09, 2013
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A bitch that will try to lie her way out of everything even though it's so obvious she's lying. She will do anything to be the center of attention, even if that means backstabbing her friends. She will do anything to get a guys attention, and she will lie to get her friends sympathy. She may seem nice and peaceful on the outside, but she's a bitchy witch on the inside.
Girl one: OMG my dad just died!
Girl two: what? He just called you two minutes ago! Stop being such a Shanaya.
by 2758048257843854218005893246 September 14, 2016
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