when someone has been proved wrong or have been put down.
by steph_sprockett August 10, 2005
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The prince of all bad-ass, geniuses. Also referred to as the Boss.

The guy all females want in their bedrooms. The guy that knows how to pleasure all parts of the woman's body. He is the ultimate athlete, sexy, good-looking, and intelligent above intelligence.

This guy makes rocket scientists piss their pants, with his above normal intelligence. Some theorize that he is part of the Illuminati.... or a different, gifted race on earth. At the same time, he is compared to Tupac, and other revolutionary figures. He is the definition of cool, and puts Thug-Wanna Be's in their place.
(John is walking down the street and a gang of hoodlums rush him)

John says: Back the f*ck up! I roll with the Sham Sham, he'll deal with yo bloodcats.

Suzy: Dam, that guy is so smart, sexy, and handsome. I want Sham Sham!

Ohh la la.
by Dr. Kugnatica October 25, 2009
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Ebonics slang. Though it doesn't have a literal meaning, it's usually just used to announce your presence.

Me: Ah fuck, it's Moe. Man, Zac's such a pussy when he tries to flatter Moe and doesn't back me up when Moe puts me down.
by DesPERRYado November 03, 2004
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Shamming (Military): "To intentionally avoid work, being at work, exercise, etc..."
1: "Hey Bob, I know you aren't really doing that paperwork you're just shamming to avoid working outside."

2: "Bob is a fuckin' shammer."
by phosphoresence May 19, 2009
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Irish slag
A resident of Ballyshannon, County Donegal, Ireland.
Also, a word frequently used by residents of above town, usually meaning the same as American term "dude".
John's the biggest sham you'll ever see.

Sham! Long time no see.
by Shambert April 05, 2008
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Originally used in the U.S. Army to describe the act of pretending to work in order to avoid actually working.
"Specialist Little is the Sham Master. He can take 3 hours to wipe his ass and look busy the whole time."
by W. A. Rice October 29, 2004
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SH-A-MSS Shams means Sun in the Arabic language . Shams is loyal , friendly , energetic , smart , fun , encouraging , funny , bright and a great friend . She has a delightful personality , and a huge amount of friends ! She's more of an outsider , says whatever is on her mind . However if you stab her back or gossip about her , she will turn into satan himself ! Be careful . She has a confidant , strong and a trustable personality . And when she gets in trouble people will most likely believe her and will defend her . She gets into a lot of drama although she dislikes drama .
You should be more like Shams .

Don't you just love Shams's sense of humor ?

Shams really hates dramatic people !
by Xvngle December 08, 2018
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