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A small 'button'-like part of the female genitalia. The male gender wouldn't be able to find it if they had a map in front of them, and they'd never ask for directions anyways.
B: Where's the clitoris on this thing?
by dannieisawesome October 23, 2009

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When a guy shakes his head while eating a girl out. For some reason guys think that girls like this. It's really kind of annoying. And if he hasn't shaved like five minutes before it kind of hurts.
Matt was Shaking Head while eating me out last night. Now that whole area is raw.
by dannieisawesome October 23, 2009

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A band that is, apparently, extremely overrated. I have never seen a group more idolised for no apparent reason than this one. In all honesty, not everyone listens to Rock. Therefore, the idea that they are the 'best band ever omg!!!11!!!!' is only a mere tactic for teenagers and young adults to look more cultured and cool.
Braindead Wannabe Musician: Dude, can you come here and tell me if I sound exactly like Page when I play this Led Zepplin guitar solo?

Actual Musician:....why would I care?

Braindead guy: Um, because I want to be just like the best musicians that ever existed?

Actual Musician:....you're an idiot.
by dannieisawesome October 19, 2009

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