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"Shakes Head" is a word commonly used by teenagers that they utter to their parents who conduct themselves in a manner that is somewhat embarrasing to the teenanger. This occurs when someone brings a friend home and the father or mother say, act or make a motion that will embarasss their teenaged son or daughter. Immediately the teenager places the palm on their hand onto their forehead at the same time shaking their head and say the words "Shakes Head", immediately after the act or gesture of embarassment is displayed.
Dad quit shitting yourself in front of my friends"...."Shakes Head
by Rude Donny June 17, 2011

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After a good long session in either a sauna room or a hot tub, your scrotum skin becomes saggy and loose, thus causing your balls to sag lower. You are to immediately walk over to your wife/girlfriend and slap your bag on her forehead and say "Steamed Pumpkin" when doing the nasty deed to her.
I just gave my girlfriend a steamed pumpkin!!!!
by Rude Donny October 23, 2005

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........Whore Back Saddle - is a condom, touque or Jimmy Hat. Basically, protection when you are banging that "Dish-rag-whore" you just met and are about to put the coals to her.
"Make sure you bring some Whore Back-saddles to the bar with you, in case you take some dish rag home, after the close".
by Rude Donny November 12, 2005

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When you are in the doggy style position behind your wife/girlfriend's ass - you take her ass cheeks and open them in order to preform the deed. Basically, you are cupping the ass cheeks in order to open the red eye and carry on.
"I gave her a "cup and spread" before I slapped the coals to her"
by Rude Donny November 19, 2005

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