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Hottest boy in the fucking world!!!! He is very very very very athletic, smart and hot. Everyone loves him. The ladies are attached to him. He has a great social life and is amazing at everything he dose!!

#amazing #perfect # hot
Girl 1 Who is that?? He looks perfect

Girl 2 he is perfect.

Girl 3 I call dibs
Girl 4 he is a Shahin
by Hellboy1986368 May 06, 2018
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Shahin (English FALCON), is a pure Farsi (Persian/Iran) name. It's origins are from Persia, but other countries also use Shahin, but less then in Persia.

In Iran/Persia names that begin with Sha are forbidden because Sha means King. But the name Shahin is allowed because it's also a birds name (Falcon in English).
Shahin a bird also know as Falcon. The Predator of the skies.
Or a boys name. Most common used in Persia. Origins are Persia.
by F4LLCON June 28, 2011
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A royal name for a man from Persia. This particular brand of royalty usually moves to Western countries and builds an empire by stealing monies from taxpayers there. Sometimes he will be a landlord, or bank manager, or hold other titles where he can prance around like a King. But whatever he does for a job, he will usually swindle the people underneath him out of money. It is his duty to collect tax owed to him.
"Shahin tried to swindle me out of my rent money, but i took him to court and now he's the king of the homeless people. Ha Ha Ha."
by One-eyed Patty Ray June 20, 2013
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The last name of wonderful, handsome young Arab men.
That Egyptian Shahin was the most amazingly handsome man I have ever seen.
by hmm??? January 27, 2009
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Shahin is thick. He is a fat nigga, its okay doe, cuz nigga he could still fuck your man hoe. Everyone loves shahin but he loves food
by Igjfetbsin May 03, 2018
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A name of Persian decent, also known for a variety of sand. Can also be used as a replacement noun for sand
1: dude, I forgot my window open during a sandstorm

2:Dude what happened ?

1:My place is looking a lot like a Shahin
by Thereallniqqa5000 October 11, 2018
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