A sexual act where the male participant, while perfoming cunilingus, puts his first two fingers from his hands up to the respective sides of his mouth(google predator if you don't know what I'm talking about)-- whilst making a clicking, predator-like noise.

Verb: pred'ed
Jack totally used The Predator on Jill the other night!

No biggie, I've pred'ed her three or four times already.
by Pred'ed Her March 22, 2011
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You pull out and stand over your partner while they yell, "Come on! I'm here! Do it!", until you supersoak her.

Bonus points if you are Carl Weathers.
Last night we were sooo drunk we went at it for a while and before you know it, we were into The Predator for the big finish.
by Mr. Fontana October 29, 2008
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Scwarzenegger action movie in which a group of commandoes must take on a seemingly invincible alien, drawn to violence.
by Gumba Gumba March 01, 2004
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It's like window shopping, except you kill people.

Derived from the Predator series of movies.
Bob and Joe walk in a mall:

Bob- "How about that guy?"
Joe- "Eh...I don't like his skull structure."
Bob- "Christ! I'm never going predatoring with your picky ass again."
by Nouri September 28, 2005
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A predator is someone named Mori Gou, a supposed therapist with weird sadistic tendencies. She's manipulative, insensitive, uncaring, and sickly minded. She's also been known to purposely get under people's skin by finding out what ticks them off or their pet peeves.
Don't be a predator like Mori.
by Haha yeah. May 29, 2018
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When a person bends over and spreads their ass cheeks exposing their butthole.

Origin: One day such a thing happened, prompting someone to say, "Oh my god, it looks like the predator!"
Bob bent over and showed everyone the predator, much to their dismay.
by guywithname July 13, 2010
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To discharge your weapons recklessly in the general direction of potential enemies because your teammates are doing so, often accompanied by excessive cursing and taunting.
After Jesse got shot by the monster, Bill picked up the Gatling gun and started shooting; when Arnold, Carl and the rest of the crew arrived, all hell broke loose and they ended up pulling a huge predator on the jungle
by momosexxxual April 12, 2009
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