To have (tris, gatorade, bitches, swag) for days. To have it "mad rain quick time in here for days".

To ruin your friend's advances on a female so bad, that he doesn't even want to be associated with you or the female ever again.
Guy: "hey ladies"
Shahiner: "we got tris for days"

bystanders: "that guy is shahin-ing"
by Scoootar September 26, 2010
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A name of Persian decent, also known for a variety of sand. Can also be used as a replacement noun for sand
1: dude, I forgot my window open during a sandstorm

2:Dude what happened ?

1:My place is looking a lot like a Shahin
by Thereallniqqa5000 October 11, 2018
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The act/use of an excessive amount of force to fix something, causing in the destruction of whatever you are fixing.
I just shahin it and now the motor casing is broken.
by Paulo278323 April 21, 2021
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The owner of shahin supermarket, he has the best product in the world, and its also fo fee
by Imsoocool October 30, 2018
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A man who dosent have a dick, he checks everyday under his waist if he grew a dick or not
by Imsoocool October 30, 2018
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