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Mahmoud (Arabic: محمود) is the transliteration of an Arabic given name that comes from the Arabic triconsonantal root of Ḥ-M-D ("praise"), meaning "Praiseworthy", (literally means) The praised one, Worthy of reverence, Laudable, commendable – in Persian it is written Mehmoud, in Arabic it is spelt as Mahmud, and the above is in both Urdu (Hindustani) and English. Despite the similarity, this name is a distinct name from Muhammad (Mohammed).

One of the Islamic prophet Muhammad's many names is Mahmud.
Mahmoud an-Nukrashi Pasha, Prime Minister of Egypt 1945-1946 & 1946-1948
by hmm??? January 28, 2009
The name of an Arab man that is a chic magnet. Someone who is hard to not notice. A man with the classic look. Tall, dark and hansome. A man with a lot of spirit. One who is loving and caring about everyone around him.
Wow!! That man was soooo hot he must have been a Mahmoud.
by hmm??? January 28, 2009
The last name of wonderful, handsome young Arab men.
That Egyptian Shahin was the most amazingly handsome man I have ever seen.
by hmm??? January 28, 2009
Extremely attractive Middle Eastern men that are tall, dark and handsome. Likely named Mahmoud. Sexy men with a lot of appeal. Men that are very easy to fall in love with.
Did you meet that Mahmoud down the street? Wow! That was one of those hot Arab men. I am so in love with him.
by hmm??? January 28, 2009